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ONE. Beauty and the Beast. My little side kick Isabella and I are headed to watch my sweet sister in her final professional ballet show this weekend. My heart wasn't quite ready for this day but my sweet sister is officially retiring from ballet. I am so excited for her and her next adventure as a mother and future nurse but a little selfishly sad I won't get to watch her dance all the time any more. Can't wait to watch one of my favorite shows as her big finale!!

TWO. Friends. You know when you start to worry and question yourself and yourself as mother nothing is better than a text message thread with 4 of your besties to help you make it through. Isabella (and well Cayson to a small extent) have been dealing with some anxiety since they accidentally locked themselves in our downstairs bathroom about a month ago. I was right outside the whole time and their daddy had it unlocked within minutes but it has traumatized them. Isabella will panic in the car if she is worried she will be stuck in her car seat and neither of them will allow me to close the door to bathrooms even in public, ugh! It's been awful. We've been praying a lot, trying to reassure them a lot. I made the mistake of running in the house to grab a pacifier the other day and now Isabella tells me and other people I left them in the car alone for "FIFTY minutes." Ugh toddler horrible time reference can be a real beast! It was maybe fifty SECONDS, not even close to minutes. My sweet friends gave me these sweet recommendations that made their way right to my Amazon cart and should arrive today!!

God gave us Heaven (for all Isabella's death and heaven questions)
The Invisible String-for help with separation

Veggies Tales-for fear and my super hero loving kiddos

THREE. Essential oils. I'm not a huge essential oils person but I think they have their time and place. Obviously being a nurse practitioner I know there is a time and place for medications and a time for naturopathic choices. I love the benefits of essential oils and our sweet little Addi keep getting a few little colds, thanks big sis and brother, so I am planning on finally making some roller combos for the kiddos. I want a thieves roller to help her immune system and a peppermint roller to roll on her feet for congestion!

Fractionated oil-for carrier (aka diluting)

Roller balls-to mix oils, approx 6 drops (depending on oil) then fill with fractionated coconut oil

Mist sprayers-for a great lavender mist spray for kiddos pillows (and mine)

FOUR. Vinyl transfers. The above reminds me of my vinyl monogram and label addiction. If you like monograms and labeling things you must invest in a Silhouette Cameo. Best purchase ever. Just finished labeling all the kiddos school items. I'm addicted. Maybe I should do a giveaway on vinyl monograms soon!
All labels made with my Silhouette

FIVE. SLEEP. I need it. I'm hoping for a few hours more of sleep in the next few days. Between toddler nightmares and a newborn that has boycotted sleep I am running on E! So thankful I can function on little sleep but I think my brain is begging for some extra sleep! 

Sometimes she sleeps so great and SO sweet! 

Happy Friday and cheers to hopefully some fun and sleep. Oh and we have the busiest weekend ahead as usual but we are oh so thankful and grateful!

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