Baby essentials (0-6 months)

I have been thinking about this post since Addilyn's first month of life and have just now found the time to get it complete. I have several other posts about baby must haves and favorites but I wanted to share a list of what I felt like the essentials and life saving products we needed Addi's first few months of life were.

Rock n play- this is new since I had Isabella and it has been hands down one of the best items I've owned. I used it constantly with Cayson and Addilyn. It has a slight incline, which is great for reflux, and is easily foldable and transportable. It's not recommended to have babies sleep in them overnight but it was life changing at night the first month for both Cayson and Addilyn, their reflux was so horrible lying flat was not an option. We traveled with it and loved that you could carry it all around the house and we even used it outside by the pool (in the shade of course). They have new ones that even rock themselves, genius!!

Boppy Lounger is a must have especially the first 2 months. I love that you can easily carry it with the handle. It is the perfect place to nest new babies in while you shower, cook, or even just nap in.

Baby shusher-hands down the best travel sound machine. This one is perfect for in the car, while shopping, or anywhere. All 3 of our little ones have loved and were soothed by the shh sound in their ear and this has officially saved me from shushing my brains out;) We also loved this travel giraffe sound machine and carry it with us and each kiddo has had one in their rooms.

Baby swing|Mamaroo-these are genius and life saving. My girls have loved them more than Cayson but they are great for naps and helping calm and soothe baby during the witching hour.

Pacifier-I am a huge pacifier fan. I start forcing them on my kiddos around day 3 of life. None of my kids fell in love with the pacifier day one but after some forceful loving have taken to them. I preferred a pacifier over a finger because I knew it was something I could eventually take away, it may be painful but can be taken away.

Mat-this sweet lamb mat is my favorite mat for the first few months for play time and tummy time. After our babies are about 3 months old we transition to a play mat. Our Addi will play for so long on her mat. She's quite the roly poly now but will stay pretty much on the mat with the occasional detour to the wood floors;)

SwaddleWrap-All of our babies have love, loved to be swaddled. I discovered this Ollie swaddle with Addilyn and it is magical. It velcros and you can just tie up the bottom for easy diaper changes. During the infant stage these SwaddleMe swaddles were my favorite. I used the zipper ones the first month then transitioned to the Ollie Swaddle or velcro SwaddleMe.

I can't believe we are going to be shortly packing most of these items away. The first year flies by way too fast. Slow down time.

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