f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Coffee table. We are in need of a new coffee table/ottoman stat. Ours is disgusting with a capitol D. SO bad, I love the one we have but we bought it before kids and a beige fabric ottoman and children don't mix. Of course, the one I can't get my mind off of is crazy expensive hence why I have had to wait. Hoping it will be in our future one day;)

It's so pretty right?!

TWO. Rug. If/when we get this coffee table I'm thinking this rug is a must. We have a lot of grey, white and dark furniture and I think this rug would fit perfectly and you can't beat the price.

THREE. Cardigans. I have a slight obsession with cardigans once the weather starts cooling down. Since Texas weather is all over the place they are perfect for the cooler mornings and can be taken off once you start sweating in the afternoon, insert all the eye rolls. I'm ready for the cooler weather to stick around all day. I grabbed this mustard cardigan a month ago and have worn it a couple times and have gotten compliments on it every time. I also grabbed this long taupe cardigan and love it. And last week I mentioned my love for this leopard one:)

FOUR. Mermaids. I am elbow deep in "Mermaid Princess" party planning for my almost 5 year old. How is this possible? I cannot believe I almost have a 5 year old. Anyways, I didn't realize how cute all the mermaid things are until I started planning her party. We are having a small, very girlie party at Made of Sugar and Spice and I cannot wait. It's going to be so cute. I think Addilyn needs this adorable outfit for sure. And these skirts, so cute. And I think I need these leggings:)

Isabella's party hat!

FIVE. Thumb loop jackets. Like I'm obsessed. This was my favorite one while pregnant. I am loving this Lululemon one. I'm in desperate need of a new gym zip up since all of mine no longer have a zipper thanks to my ridiculously annoying washing machine. I also love this black tee with thumb loop holes:)

Happy Friday!

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