Five months-Addilyn

Oh, my sweet Addi boo, this post is so late. I can't seem to get my act together. Time with you is flying far too quickly! I forget how quickly the first year passes by and how quickly all the baby things go away. You are such an active roly poly. We had a lot of firsts and transitions this month. 

A C T I V I T Y / P E R S O N A L I T Y

You are easily rolling tummy to back and back to tummy suddenly. You have loved getting to sit in the bumbo and play in the exercauser. You are so content at just playing and watching your big sissy and bubbie. You are the sweetest, smiliest, giggliest thing. You remind me so much of your sissy at this age but  even more laid back than she was. You will play for so long in your exercauser and if you start to get fussy all you need is Isabella or Cayson to play with you a few minutes and you are so happy. You will light up when they sing or play with you. Your sister Isabella is the best mommy around. You sure are adored and loved sweet girl. 

Breathing treatment for horrible bronchiolitis

E A T I N G 

You are still a great eater. I see some solid food coming in your very near future. You still like to nurse every 3 hours and we are going to start to space that to 4 hours if possible as well. You got your first tooth the morning you turned 5 months. I knew it was coming for weeks and it finally broke through. The one right next to it is not far behind. Your reflux is still pretty bad so you are still on Prevacid, I thought maybe you were getting better but a few missed doses and it was apparent you are not. 

S L E E P 

We have officially gone about 6 weeks with some of the worst sleep ever.  You are back up every few hours like a newborn. I think between the 4 month sleep regression, teething and your first ear infection and bronciolitis we have not slept well. I'm hoping that once we get past this horrible cold we can do a soft cry it out and take you out of your swaddle and you will start sleeping better. It's been a rough month with teething and this horrible bronchiolitis so I am hopeful this is short lived. 

Weight:  around 13 is my guess
Length: ...
Head: ...

Diapers: Size 2
Longest stretch of sleep: 2 hrs 45 min, eek!!!
Clothes size: 0-3, 3-6 months
Shoe size: Newborn, Size 1

1sts: Exercauser, ear infecion, bronchiolitis

Milestones: rolling, sitting up supported, found your feet

Shots today: none

Happy 5 months sweet pea! Here's to hoping for sleep soon!

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