State fair and Baylor homecoming

I thrive on busy....there I said it. I don't do well without plans, structure and things to do. I truly function and am more productive the busier I am. My kids get to benefit from this character trait of mine. They get plenty of down time at home after school and when Mimi is home with them so on my days off we stay busy. Friday we decide to pull the kiddos out of school early and hit up the state fair. I didn't get my usual annual Big Tex picture because we were all tired and the walk was too far but we had so much fun. As I said on Instagram, we came, we State Fair'd and we conquered;)

Then Saturday I decided after gymnastics to brave the trip to Waco solo with all 3 kids for Baylor's homecoming and to see my dad inducted into the Hall of Fame. His baseball team went to the World Series when he played and they were honored and inducted this past weekend into the Hall of Fame. We had so much fun running around the campus, visiting all our old stomping grounds, bowling, Common Grounds, visiting the Bears, sweating A LOT, and the best part was the lawn game tickets. Genius....the kids could run and play and Heather and I didn't have to stress about them getting up and down! So fun. We all had a blast, the kiddos were incredible and Heather and I were told 1000x how brave we are. Brave or crazy, you decide?!;)

Fletcher's corn dogs...the most important stop at the fair:)

Ferris wheel fun with the Ellis crew

I wish you could hear their giggles through this priceless...

We made it to Waco...thanks to Jungle book and a sleeping baby we all survived....the drive home was silent as soon as we hit 35, thanks to a 7 pm game time!

Finding the Bears

The cutest Mimi there ever was

Bowling with Poppi

Enjoying the breeze and the shade

My 3 little Bears


Brave or crazy?! 

The cutest little Mila

And we out....the sweetest baby...she did incredible!

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