The big "4-0"

My sweet hubs turned the big 4-0 a couple weeks ago and I have had some surprises up my sleeve for over 9 months. I told him the first surprise on his actual birthday. We were headed to Mexico!! But all I told him was us. His reaction was adorable and priceless. He could not believe it. I truly thought he knew and was just pretending he didn't know for the last few months. But ya'll I pulled it off, can I tell you how hard and stressful it is to plan a surprise for someone you tell everything to. Man!!! SO hard! But it was worth all the time, effort and stress. The day after his birthday I told him we had plans but didn't tell him what. We met 20 friends at one of our favorite places for wine, music, fun and laughter! So fun getting to celebrate the love of my life! I wanted it to be special and I think I pulled it off. Oh and did I mention 4 other couples joined us in Mexico, he didn't know about them until the airport! BEST surprise ever!! He teared up with every new couple we saw! SO sweet, so priceless! We had the time of our lives. Can't wait to share more pics and details! 

The greatest

Revealing the suprise!

Vintage shirt: Etsy
Ballons: Amazon
Havaianas flip flops: Amazon
Cake: Deja Cakes

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