Viva la excellence

Over a year ago I started dreaming and thinking about my sweet hubs 40th birthday! I wanted it to be special and one he wouldn't forget. I got the idea in my mind that we needed a nice trip, but with our little Addi being so little I knew we couldn't go too far but I desperately needed a beach trip. I used Modern Vacations travel agency to help me coordinate everyone's travels, best decision ever. They also helped coordinate the 50+ people that went to Riviera Maya for our wedding! I wanted it all to be a surprise and I am still shocked I pulled it off. It was stressful keeping this a secret for 9 months but the pay off was priceless. I told him on his actual birthday that we were headed to Mexico and he was so shocked and excited, he even teared up. I still didn't tell him about the 4 couples that would be joining us. He found out people were joining us on the trip as each couple showed up, his reaction was literally amazing, he teared up with each couple that arrived. Worth every bit of stress or anxiety I endured trying to plan, coordinate and keep this a secret. Leaving behind 3 littles is no small fete. Thankful for an incredible mama, who watched Addilyn, and MIL who watched the big kids. They all had a blast. My checklist included: finish and update will, copy of schedules, driver's license, insurance cards, pack 5 people, kennel and pack 2 dogs and some how survive to take off!! We did it and the trip was amazing.

Here is a quick snip it of the blog appropriate photos, so much fun, drinking, and relaxing was had by all:
Ready to fly

We made it!! First meal of the trip! Love these ladies

The most fun group ever

Just taking in the incredibleness of our room:)

Second stop-the pool

Electric lemonades-what happens after these, nobody knows;)

Just relaxing in the excellence club

One incriminating photo to show you how much fun was had!!

The ice cream we discovered as we were leaving, probably a good thing.

We stayed at Excellence Playa Mujeres! I highly, highly recommend. I could have used 1 or 10 more days:) 

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