5 YEARS-Isabella

My sweet Isabella I for the life of me can not figure out how in the world you are already 5 years old, F I V E. How is this possible?! You made me a mom 5 years ago and I could never have dreamed or imagined how much I would love it. My sweet girl you are everything a momma could dream of in a first born. 

You are my rule following, sensitive, most loving, tender hearted little momma. You prayed and begged for Addilyn for over a year before the Lord blessed us with her. We are so thankful for your relentless prayers;) You are the most precious and protective big sister I have ever seen. You will not leave Addilyn's side if I step out of the room, you tell me she can't be by herself so you will stay with her. If she gets upset you sing to her, pat her and play with her until she calms. It truly is the most incredible thing to see. You are equally as precious with your brother Cayson. You don't like to see him sad and hate when he gets in trouble. Even the teachers at school comment on how sweet you guys are together and how much you watch out for him. He is your biggest fan.

You are quite the fashionista and have cared what clothes you worse since 18 months of age. You picked out the cutest outfits, must have a matching bow, shoes and purse. You even taught yourself how to put your hair in a ponytail....I just can't even:)

Mommy and daddy have been so blessed and honored by you. You have taught us more than we have taught you and grown my heart 1000x its size.

Your sweet smile and most precious giggle truly light up our lives. You have been giggling since 2 months of age and haven't stopped since.

I am so blessed and thankul to get to call you daughter!
We love you sissy, pumpkin, Izzy, Isabella Grace:)

Waiting not SO patiently for sister's arrival 

Poses and sass brought to you by Isabella

You requested a "Mermaid princess" party this year and I can't wait to celebrate you with the girliest birthday around in a few weeks. 

I will update your stats after your 5 year appt. My guess is you are a petite thing still wearing a 4T and on occasion a 3T:)

Weight: 36 lbs 3 oz (20%ile)
Height: 42.3 in (36%ile)
BP: 106/60
Pulse: 89
Vision: R 20/25 L 20/20

Clothes: 3T-5T
Shoes: Size 11

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