f r i d a y favorites


ONE LOL big surprise . Well this isn't necessarily my favorite but my kids are obsessed. Anyone else? I need to get my hands on one before Christmas, preferably less than $120, insert eye roll. I'm so mad I didn't grab one when I saw them at Target, I was secretly hoping my kids would forget about it, my kids forget, ya right, who am I kidding! But seriously our Target is so busy and popular if you see things you better grab it or next time you come they are gone, and we frequent Target at least once a week if not twice;) So if anyone finds one, hook a sister up!

TWO. Unicorn helmet. Some how we have lost Isabella's helmet and we desperately need to get her a new one. This is super cute and will probably be one of her birthday gifts, along with these shoes she has been begging for, for months. Goodness she has expensive taste! I think I need to start a Christmas round up.

THREE. Stranger things. Thanks to all the Halloween costume themes I finally took the plunge to start Season 1 of Stranger things and I am hooked. SO addicting and so good. I think I am over half way through with Season 1 thanks to our Netflix and Amazon Fire stick that I love:) If it wasn't for wanting to be able to watch live sports I think we could be a no cable family thanks to these two things!

FOUR. My baby is 5 today!! How is this possible?! Where in the world has the time gone! She has blessed and changed our lives more than I could ever have imagined. She is the most sweet, thoughtful, sensitive, loving, giggliest girl! We are so thankful!
Giggling and making our lives better since 2012!

FIVE. Bad Moms. I am headed to see Bad Moms with some friends tonight and I cannot wait. Hello girl's night, movie+wine+friends!! 

We have a busy weekend ahead, as usual so I am thankful it is Fri-Yay!!


  1. Just saw Bad Moms last night and it's funny!! It got me in the holiday spirit. Have a great time!

  2. It was so good! Glad you enjoyed it!! Yay for holiday time!