Halloween festivities

Halloween has slowly become a holiday that I have come to love and enjoy! We didn't celebrate it much besides a "Fall festival" growing up so I have come to cling to it and really love it. The fall weather, all the fun festivities and dressing up, sign me up! We've had such a fun holiday season so far, I feel like life is exponentially busy with life at home and work being crazy but like I've said, "I do better with busy." Our costumes may gave been completed with nothing but minutes to spare but they were done and we had a blast. We enjoyed the fall festival last weekend with our church friends, book character day at school and Trick or Treating with some of our faves!
The most precious muscle man I ever did see!

My dream place!

Why does she look so grown up?!

All the fun halloween candy and festivities and this one just cares about the 'boo' bies;)


Hello family circus and that amazing bearded lady. 

*I died laughing, like laughed harder than I have in a long time when he walked out in this dress. Such a trooper, so thankful!!

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