"Mermaid princess" party

This past weekend, per our sweet Isabella's request, we threw the cutest, girliest, "Mermaid Princess" party you ever did see. This is not to be confused with just a Mermaid party....you will be corrected by the sweetest, sassiest 5 year old;) PS she's already requested a butterfly party for her 6th birthday, she is her mother's child there is no mistake. 

I found Made of Sugar and Spice thanks to a good ole "Princess Party Frisco" google search. The place did not disappoint. I ordered a cake, a few decorations, party favors (that did not arrive in time, thanks Portugal shipping from Etsy, ugh!" and ordered some fun snacks through them. Easiest, cutest party ever. 

The girls got their hair braided, nails painted, had a dance party and fashion show. Be still my heart. The sweetest. Loved getting to see each of their precious personalities. 

My pregnancy doppelganger and our sleeping babies

Some of the precious girls!

Mermaid dress: Amazon
Leggings: Amazon
Shoes: Nordstroms
Jelly beansL Amazon
Favor boxes: Amazon
Baby mermaid romper: Amazon (was for Addilyn, arrived 3 days too late)
Mermaid tattoos: Meri Meri 
I ordered this balloon garland but it didn't work for the venue 
and thought I ordered this adorable mermaid balloon but I picked the wrong one:(
Mermaid bracelet party favors: Etsy
Mermaid Party hat: Etsy. Little Blue Olive
Cake: Deja Cakes
Mermaid Initations: Etsy

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