Want, Wear, Need, Read-Christmas gifts

Since having kids we started the 5 gift Christmas idea: Something you want, something you wear, something you need, something you read and one big Santa gift. I love this concept because it keeps Christmas small, practical and allows us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Also, lets be honest we do not NEED anymore toys or things in our house. I have honestly almost completed all my Christmas shopping besides Cayson's gift and a few small things!! My record year yet;)

WEAR favorites

Burts Bees Pajamas-All 3 kiddos got coordinating pairs this year and I grabbed these most precious Kickee pants for little Addilyn as well!

Shop Plain Jane dress-Love this dress for Isabella, it can double as a casual dress or night gown!

Little Stocking co-its time to stock up on some new sizes in knee highs and tights for my girls. Little Stocking Co are some of our favorites. Best quality and color choices.

Hunter boots-I am grabbing Isabella a new pair for Christmas...she has almost outgrown hers and Cayson is ready for them. He is going to pass her up in size one day I think!

Loved baby-I have been obsessed with these onesies since I was pregnant with Addilyn and need to size up for her

Childhoods clothing-has been an absolute favorite since Isabella was little and I am loving their rust colors for the fall! I grabbed Cayson this set and grabbed this adorable peplum for Addi that she is already wearing because I just couldn't wait.

Kiddo's WANTS
Isabella- has only asked for this Emerson doll- WellieWishers and a big LOL surprise. She picked this Wellie Wisher because she likes her hair and her skin;) And insert all the eye rolls for the Big LOL surprise. The biggest waste of money on a bunch of plastic but momma finally found one and she will be SO excited. This will likely be her "Santa" gift since it's what she has wanted most. Isabella chose the Wellie Wisher but I sure think this PBK doll is adorable with its unicorn accessories! She's also been obsessed with this Our Generation ice cream truck!

Cayson-Cayson's big gift this year is going to be a bike. Still searching for the perfect one but this BMX is pretty cute. I also love this Hearth & Hand work bench! Thinking they will both be under the tree for him:) One as his want and one from "Santa!"

Addilyn-Since Addilyn will only be 8 months so I am clearly choosing her "want" this year. I'm thinking this shopping cart will make a cute addition to the playroom. The two we have are slowly falling apart. Also these Hazel Village animals, I WANT all of them:) We don't need a doll house but if we did, this one is precious, so is this cute hot cocoa set!


Booster seat-Isabella is in need of another booster seat. She currently has this one and I'm just not quite ready to take her out of a 5 point harness. She will be the only 10 year old still in one haha! Debating grabbing another one of these or something different.

Doll carrier-Cindy and Grace (aka her American Girl dolls) go with us everywhere. I'm thinking she needs this carrier or one of these adorable back pack ones. Love this Pottery Barn kids doll carrying backpack as well.

Suitcase-Finally grabbing this suitcase since Addilyn really doesn't need much. Her packing lists are starting to grow so she will need her own soon:)

Gathre leather mat-I have been eyeing these leather play mats for months and grabbed this one on Black Friday. Can't wait! No more dog hair stuck to blankets and a little more padding, also so easy to fold up for on the go. Addilyn is also getting this blush Ezpz mat:)

Helmet and pads-Since Cayson, my wild one, is getting a bike he needs ALL the padding things, ha! He is getting this awesome helmet and probably some elbow and knee pads.


Addilyn- Baby-2 years book favorites- Any books that make sound, our favorite is Noisy Farm, Guess how much I love you, is and absolutely favorite, and any flap books:)

Cayson-2-5 year book favorites-These Usborne shine a light books you use with a flashlight are our kids favorites. And Cayson is obsessed with Tooting so I think he will love this one.  Brown  bear, brown bear is seriously the best!

Isabella-5+ favorites-This hear I wanted to go with educational books and can't wait to start We're all Wonders with Isabella. If you haven't seen the movie yet, it is a must!
The 50 States book has great illustrations and fun facts about each state and of course my medical self loves The Human Body book. 

Happy Shopping!

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