F R I D A Y favorite


ONE. Bauble necklace. I am absolutely loving this Bauble statement necklace!! I tend to err on the side of neutralish/statement necklaces, ha, and this one fits that bill:)

TWO. 50 mm lens. If you are looking for a affordable great lens for your DSLR this is the one. It is the best for blurred background and portrait images. It is my favorite go to lens. I love that the new portrait mode on the iPhone gives a similar look right at your fingertips as well. I have the Canon 70D that I should use more than my iPhone, but hey I'm all about convenience. When I use my Canon this is my go to lens. 

THREE. Thieves.....trying to get my household healthy after being sick for what feels like months...I am officially addicted to diffusing Thieves. I haven't ventured into YL Thieves cleaners but I am thinking that is next:) I think I've shared this before but this is my favorite diffuser from Amazon! I need one for every room. I'm also addicted to Breath Again roller. Life saver! 

FOUR. Probiotics. To piggyback on number three, I have officially become addicted to probiotics to try to keep my kiddos well. I love these multivitamins with probiotics. I also love that this Zarbees cough plus immune support. And these probiotic packets are my favorite in addition. 

FIVE. It's Christmas weekend. I feel like I had so much time and the next thing I knew we have 3 days left. Eek. I took the kids to see the movie The Star yesterday, it's a must see. We are so ready for Christmas this year and my goal is to make sure my kids truly understand the meaning of Christmas. We do Santa but don't make it the main theme of the holiday. He is just a fun addition to the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I don't hang Santa over their heads for presents or the Elf. I want them to understand the meaning behind why we give and get gifts at Christmas. I cannot wait to enjoy the holiday this weekend through their little eyes. And ya'll you most go see The Star, SO cute!

Happy Friday!

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