S E V E N months-Addilyn

My sweet Addi boo how in the world are you 7 months old (don't judge that this post is finally going up 1 week shy of 8 months;)) You have continued to bless us and have truly been the most precious caboose. I still tell people if you slept at night you would be the dreamiest baby there ever was. When you grab my hand to hold it in the middle of the night, my heart melts into a puddle on the floor and of course I can't deny you the cuddles. You have been a dream my little Addilyn.

A C T I V I T Y / P E R S O N A L I T Y

You are officially busy, busy, busy and on the move. You army crawl/roll wherever you want to go. When out and about I still wear you a lot and you still love it. You usually nap for a bit then look around. You are still the most laid back, easy going little thing. You only truly cry right before you fall asleep as the last ditch fighting effort to stay awake:) Other than that you just fuss on occasion when you are bored of what you are doing. You are starting with the mommy separation anxiety. You are fine with anyone holding you as long as I am not in sight:)


You are hands down my best eater. You still nurse at least every 4 hours and take 5 ounce bottles when I work. I think you would probably easily take bigger bottles but your reflux gets worse if you get overfull, plus momma's milk supply is barely keeping up. You love solids and will suck down a baby food pouch in minutes. Your favorites are: avocado, bananas, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. You are pretty much eating everything except meats and berries already:)

The sweetest lion I ever did see


Oh sleep!!! This is not your strong suite;) You sleep like a baby in the car, Solly Wrap, Ergo and swing. You do nap well in your crib most days as well. And to be honest night time is better you go down great around 6:30-7 and usually sleep until about 2 am. It is what happens after 2 am that is questionable. You usually are up at 2 am and usually 5. I try to avoid feeding you but if I have to run up the stairs more than 3 times I feed you because by that time I just need sleep, ha! You are our earliest riser and are usually ready for the day by 6:30 am. Oh how I miss sleep. I keep telling myself that hopefully this will pay off. Cayson was about like this and now he is my best sleeper so we will see!

Mom fail that you are in the same outfit as 6 months;) Should have looked at last photos ha!
We may have to retake these:)

Weight: I'm guessing around 15 lbs

Diapers: Size 3
Longest stretch of sleep: still maybe 5 hrs at best :(
Clothes size: 6-9 months
Shoe size: Size 2

1sts: Baylor Game, Halloween

Milestones: rolling, army crawling, babbling

Shots today: None

Happy 7 months!

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