Athleisure wear

Now that I am a momma to 3 littles and a busy life to match I have finally embraced the Athleisure wear life. In my defense on my days off I do work out first thing in the morning and then we have 900,000 other things to get done so I run around in my workout clothes all day. I usually grab a hat or head band to help cover up the sweaty mess of hair and a cute jacket is a must. Being comfortable chasing after kids is ideal though I still need to get dressed and feel put together at some point most days, not all days;)
I am all about the high rise leggings to help control, ya know, the post baby gut. They are so comfortable and help control the mid section. I'm still working on restrengthening my core and am hoping after I get my umbilical hernia fixed this year it will feel better. I am loving these High-rise mesh panel leggings and these cut out leggings are so fun!

I wear my Apple watch pretty much most days I am off and running around. I use it to track my work outs and, duh, see texts etc when on the run!!

I love these Black Nikes and am obsessing over these Black/metallic Nike ones. I think I need them. Also, these Rose gold Nikes. Give me all the rose gold apparently;)

This is hands down my most favorite sports bra. I have it in so many colors. It is so supportive and comfortable, and stylish of course.

And this Patagonia is my current fave. I love pretty much all these jackets and thesethumb loop holes and you have me sold!

This Fly away tamer headband is my favorite go to. And you can't beat a fun blush or Patagonia hat.

Can't decide if these Rose gold Nikes or the Black/metallic Nikes need to make there way into my closet? What's your vote?

What's your favorite Athleisure wear go tos?

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