f r i d a y Favorites


ONE. Silicone tableware....If you've been reading long or know me well you know we aren't fans of plastic around here. Addilyn got this new placemat for Christmas and Cayson and Isabella have the bigger version. I love these Chew Bead bowls and plates. Give me all the kid's silicone dishes. Oh and these lids that make any cup a sippy cup, genius!

TWO. Reading. I love, love reading and try to find time, my goal this year is to do even better. My book club reads a book every other month, so my goal is to read at least one a month. My problem is when I really get into a book, I literally can't put it down until I'm finished. I typically read on my Amazon Fire but like paperback for bible studies, etc. I read The Couple Next Door and Behind Closed Doors in less than 48 hours.

 A few other favorites from this years reading and book club list are: A Descent into Hell, The Woman in Cabin Ten, Still Alice, When Breath Becomes Air, A Hundred Summers, Sharp Shooter, The Forgetting Time, and Trouble Maker!

THREE. Valentine's decor...bring on all the pink and red! Now that New Years is over my planning and decorating self is on to Valentine's Day decor. I already grabbed this shirt for Cayson and ordered this dress for myself bc duh, I need it obviously;) The price and cuteness is too perfect. The Valentine's decor at Target is spot on as usual as well:)

FOUR. Goldendoodle...I've been obsessed forever, I was trying to convince my sis to get one but they got the most adorable Husky puppy instead. NO we are not getting a dog for a long time, if ever but if we ever do this will be what we get. Big dog for Dennis and non shedding for me, fits the bill perfectly and look how cute!!  A labradoodle would also be in the running:)

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FIVE. It's the weekend....I'm hoping a pedicure and date night are in my future.

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