Hello, it's here whether I was ready for it or not. 2017 was an incredible year, lots of fun, joys and the most important part-the arrival of our little caboose Addilyn. Due to weather, no child care and not wanting to be on the road with all the crazy drunk drivers and bad roads we opted for a fun "Noon" years eve party this year. Our friends showed up around 11 am and we partied until about 2 pm just in time for naps. I know, we are PAR-tay animals... haha! The kids had a blast, we adults had a blast and we were all in bed at decent times. We even did a last minute night time dip in the hot tub even with 23 degree temps. It was so relaxing. I don't make New Year's resolutions but I like to have goals and plans for the start of a new year.....here's my motto for the year....

More grace, less perfection
More yes mom, less stress
More slow down, less busy
More intention, less social media
More patience, less worry
More quiet time, less hustle

We are ready for you 2018. 

Here's to Page 1 (now 4) of our 365 days!

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