Circus birthday party

How in the world am I already planning a first birthday party?! My last, first birthday party. I almost can't even say it. You guys I love babies....ugh...can't they stay little forever. I decided on Addilyn's birthday party theme last summer when she was only a few months old when I was at a work function at Sandy Lake Park. I hadn't been to Sandy Lake Park since I was little and it just seemed like the cutest, most fitting first birthday party place ever. Tiny roller coasters, trains, pavilions...sold! I can't wait, I think Addilyn will be too small for all the rides but not her adorable friends. I'm already hoping and praying the weather cooperates!

Here are a few of the small detail items I have slowly purchased. And of course Deja Cakes is going to make all my dreams come true with an adorable 3 tier circus cake so we can use the topper for Addilyn:) I cannot wait! This is the cutest romper I ordered her to fit the theme!

Olivia saves the circus-I have friends sign a book at every one of our kid's birthday parties and I snatched this adorable Olivia saves the circus book for the kids to sign at Addilyn's party! SO cute!

If you know me, you know I have a thing for throwing parties...if it didn't involve every weekend and travel I think I would totally go into event planning;)

Here's a glimpse of Isabella and Cayson's past parties for fun measure:

Isabella's 1st Birthday (Vintage white)-2nd  (Pink and Gold at The Coop), 3rd (Tiny Dancer at Dance Studio), 4th (American Girl party at Galleria), 5th (Mermaid at Made of Sugar and Spice)

Cayson's 1st Birthday (Wild one)-2nd (Popsicle Pool party), 3rd (Dinosaur Party at PlayStreet Museum)

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