f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Frisco Railyard. I was driving home yesterday after putting in an over 50 hour work week last week and going on over 50 for this week having a mom guilt/work guilt moment. I felt guilty that I needed to leave work when I felt I needed to stay but also heavily allowing myself to fall into mom guilt for being gone so much these 2 weeks, and for not giving my kids the Spring Break we had planned. A Florida trip was changed into a 50 hour work week instead. This momma/work guilt is real, am I right mommas?! Anyways, as I'm driving home my sweet bestie Jen texted and asked what we were up to. I told her anything, we were up for anything fun. We landed at Frisco Railyard, finally got to indulge in some cookie dough and let the kids play! It was good for my soul. What do you momma's do when the guilt sneaks in. To be honest, our kids don't know yet that they are missing out. They had a blast this week with their Mamaw and Mimi and didn't complain once. Us mommas need to give ourselves more grace sometimes and not beat ourselves up, but it's so hard!

TWO. Water table /Water beads-I pulled our old water table out of the trash last weekend so the kids could play with it and water beads at our Crawfish Boil. Addilyn is getting a new one for her birthday and I can't wait. Water tables in Texas summers with kids are a must. Our kids play with ours almost every day, hence why we need a new one. These nontoxic water beads are a huge hit. You can throw them in a water table or fun outdoor kiddie pool. I think we might need this unicorn kiddie pool this summer:)

Water table 

THREE. Diaper bag back pack-my sweet friend Jen snagged this adorable Fisher Price diaper bag back pack for $40, yes FORTY dollars at Target last week and she told me I had to share it on my blog:) It's an even prettier navy color in person. It has the most genius pockets, space, and the perfect size. When my sis Hannah used to help with the kids she said EVERY mom needs a back pack diaper bag. It truly is life changing, no diaper bag falling off your shoulder and your hands and arms are free...winning! I have this back pack and love this Freshly Picked one as well as this one that I think is perfect for dads.

FOUR. Circus party planning is in full swing. Invites are out, decorations are arriving, kiddos outfits are arriving. Does everyone find this as fun as me?!:) It's like Christmas every time a package arrives. We got Addilyn's adorable Wrare Doll tutu in yesterday, their matching Alice and Ames outfits, and adorable Little Blue Olive hats. Cake smash pics are Sunday and I can't wait:)

Found this rose gold silverware:) Swoon!

FIVE. It's Friday, it's suppose to be beautiful...and this verse:) Happy almost weekend friends. 

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  1. Edible cookie dough?! Genius! I love your Bible verse at the end. I haven't seen that version of the verse before but it really resonated with me. Have a blessed weekend!