Circus 1st birthday party

We celebrated our little Addilyn's 1st birthday freezing, windy, Circus style this past weekend. I went to Sandy Lake park this summer for a work party and knew instantly that's where I wanted to have Addilyn's party so the circus theme was born. It is the perfect place for kiddos our friend's kids ages. The cutest little train, rides and pavilion areas. It would have been absolutely perfect had it not be freezing with 1,000 mph winds. BUT seriously, the wind was insane. I did not get to set up or decorate like I had liked because of the wind. I was an hour early but we switched pavilions and friends arrived just as we parked at the new pavilion. Tons of decors and balloons stayed in the car but I realized I just needed to let it go and when I did I enjoyed every minute of the party. Isabella requested to decorate the house for Addilyn's real birthday so I hung up the backdrop I didn't get to use and the balloons, little party planner after my own heart. If you have little ones in the DFW area you need to make a trip to Sandy Lake Park, I hadn't been since I was a kid and it didn't disappoint. It's like a mini Texas State Fair Midway. My sweet cake girl, Deja Cakes did a phenomenal job as always. I asked her to match the invitation and throw an extra layer on top for the smash cake. It was seriously almost too PERFECT to cut. Addilyn would have eaten the whole cake if we had let her!!

I didn't get to set up the food and drinks like I would have liked, thanks to the wind and craziness. We served hot dogs, chips, and fruit in these cute red food containers. Sandy Lake doesn't allow you to bring in any commercial food so we had to keep it simple. I also had some cute tent shaped PBJs that got left at home...we won't call this party a complete fail but it wasn't exactly as planned, but the kids had an incredible time and I think I bought an addition 200 tickets so fun was had by all:)

Every birthday party I have the kid's friends sign a book for them that matches the theme of the party.  For this party I picked Olive saves the circus...the cutest book.

And now for a huge photo dump and overload....

My sweet freezing family, we did not dress appropriately because it was warmer in Frisco! Eek

See the little box with SO much stuff not taken out!

I didn't get the mustard and ketchup in their cute containers as planned. I needed them as weights, sigh! Ha! 

Going ALL In!

And Isabella's home set up she assisted with:)

Invitation: Etsy
Ferris wheel: Nordstrom
Train: Nordstrom
Addilyn's outfit: Alice and Ames
Addilyn's hats: One, Circus hat
Isabella's dress: Alice and Ames
Tent lollipop holder: Amazon
Barnum's animal crackers: Amazon
Lollipops: Amazon, Amazon
Back drop: Amazon
Napkins: Meri Meri
Silly Circus Party Kit Meri Meri: Nordstrom
Big top cups: Amazon
Rose Gold 1 balloon: Etsy
Rose gold confetti balloons: Etsy
Circus peanuts: Amazon
Rose gold silverware: Amazon
1 cake topper: Etsy
Cursive one balloon: Etsy
Back drop stand: Amazon
Safari animals: Amazon, Amazon
Circus play set: Amazon
Circus tent: Ikea
High Chair: Ikea
Raffle tickets: Amazon, Amazon
Basket liner: Amazon
Red food baskets: Amazon
Ketchup/Mustard containers: Amazon

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