E L E V E N months-Addilyn

My sweet Addi boo. This post is, ummm 2.5 weeks overdue but it has to be done;) You are too much. I can't believe we are on the official countdown to 1. You are officially cruising and walking with assistance. You are cautious and timid like your sister or you would be walking already!  I won't complain, I'll take another sweet, timid, rule following girl! You also have a strong personality and attitude that suits you well when you need it:)

A C T I V I T Y / P E R S O N A L I T Y 

You are busy and on the go. I think I have to tell Cayson and Isabella 1000x times a day to put things away so you don't put them in your mouth. We are all having to adjust to making sure things are baby proofed around here. You are a climber and mover like your brother but timid like your sister. You walk easily with assistance and will be independent soon, I think. You are sweet and shy in new environments. So far your personality, well and looks, remind me so much of Isabella. Separation anxiety is in full swing and you cry now when I hand you over to anyone, except your daddy. Of all your siblings you are the biggest daddy's girl ever. You will fuss for him when he gets home and just adore him....plus, daddy was your first word;)

You discovered your tongue this month! It's hilarious!

E A T I N G 
You are still a great eater. You nurse great and love your bottles when I work. You will eat until we just take away the food. There is not anything you won't eat at this point, I know the time is coming that this won't be true so I am enjoying it while I can:) I have had a hard time keeping up with your demands so you get two EBM bottles when I work and one with 1/2 formula. You don't seem to care and it has been the biggest stress reliever for this momma. You are the only one that had to have formula but you didn't skip a beat. 


You are still my worst sleeper and don't sleep through the night except for maybe once a month. It is the sweetest tease when you do, but no matter what I do it does not last, sigh! You are always up somewhere between 2-5 am for a feeding. It really varies but no amount of CIO helps. I have to tend to you and you refuse to let me just rock you, you will scoot right on down to eat. It is cute, priceless and exhausting all at the same time. Some nights you are up more than once but most we can make it with just once a night. I'm not ready to wean nursing but I'm afraid you will do this until we wean!

you wanted nothing to do with your 11 month photos at all..

Weight: around 18 lbs I guess (..%ile)
Length: ... (%ile)
Head:... (% ile)

Diapers: Size 3
Longest stretch of sleep: 8 hours 
Clothes size: 6-12 months
Shoe size: Size 3
Teeth: 8

1sts: St Patricks day
Milestones: climbing, walking with assistance

Shots today: None


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