f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Mirror-I'm finally redoing my brown bathroom I've been dying to redo. It will finally be white and open. I loved the brown when we first moved in but it just makes our main guest bathroom feel so small downstairs so I'm excited to get it renovated a bit. Nothing fancy just new paint, new mirror and new light fixture. Speaking of light fixtures, can't wait for this one and this one to arrive and be hung so I can share:) Changing light fixtures has also been something I've wanted to do for, hmmm, like 5 years now;)
TWO. This door mat....nothing could be more true at my house. My friend Jen sent this to me and I think I need one STAT! ha!

THREE. This microphone and USB strobe light. I need Isabella to have a birthday or something so I can get this for her. I think this may become one of our new go to birthday gift ideas. How fun is this?!

FOUR. Parks and Rec. I started binge watching Parks and Rec on Netflix thanks to one of our neurosurgeons. You guys, hilarious! After this I think I will rewatch the Office. If you need a mindless, funny show to watch you have to watch it. So good!

FIVE. Circus party....I shared this sweet little sneak peek of Addilyn's 1st birthday smash cake session. I could not be more obsessed. Swoon. I cannot wait to celebrate this sweet thing with the cutest circus party next weekend. Until then I'll be crying in the corner, how is my baby almost 1. Every last, first is SO hard on this momma. This will be the last 1st birthday we celebrate and my heart can hardly deal:(



  1. We are I’m the process of redoing our little brown bathroom too! Great minds!!! I’m so excited to see all the party details!!