f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Wedges. I finally grabbed some new wedges for the spring and summer. All my shoes are suddenly falling apart (probably because they are like 10 years old), ha! I am loving these and can't wait to get these in!

TWO. Faucet. Bathroom reno is in full swing. Painting is in full swing. The mirror has arrived, now to just pick out a faucet and light fixture. I am already loving how great it looks!!

THREE. Audiobooks. Why has it taken me so long to jump on the Audiobooks wagon?! I was afraid my slight ADD would prevent me from enjoying them but I was wrong, I may have to rewind on occasion but so far so good. I have over 3 hours of commutes in the car each week and it has already gotten better with getting to listen to this book. This is our book club read for the month and so far I am loving it!

FOUR.Hair straightener. My hair straightener finally bit the dust. It has seriously lasted me 6 year, yes 6 years. My Chis would last me maybe a year. I honestly think this one finally just got dropped one too many times but sweet toddlers helping me get ready everyday. So the question is, do I buy this one again or is there a better one out there now. 

FIVE. My baby is ONE in 3 days. We are celebrating her this weekend. Until then I will be looking through old photos wondering how in the world she is almost one. I'm also going to need someone to come talk down my ovaries for the next ten years. Give me all the babies. I can't believe how quickly they grow and change in the first year! Sigh!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter. I've had the same hair straightener for about seven years. It's from BARBAR who, unfortunately, is no longer in business. I haven't tried audiobooks for the same reason you mentioned. Maybe I should at least give it a try.

    1. I have actually found that I really love the Audiobooks. I just finished my second. If you spend time in the car defintiely give it a try.

      And 7 years, that's amazing! I was impressed with how long mine lasted:)