T W E L V E months-Addilyn

My sweet Addi boo...12 months. ONE whole year!! How is this humanly possible?! I just can't. You have blessed our lives more than we could ever have imagined. Truly been the best year of our lives watching Isabella and Cayson grow so much, and admonish you! They seriously adore you more than you will probably ever know. We all needed you, our perfect caboose, more than we ever knew. 

A C T I V I T Y / P E R S O N A L I T Y 

You are so sweet and equal parts sassy. You already have a laid back yet strong personality...typical #3! You are laid back but can also hold your own. You will let us know when you have reached your limits and you aren't pleased. You are so far a perfect mix between Isabella's rule following self and Cayson's test the limits self;) You are a climber and SO active. You aren't walking yet but it will be any day now! You are a fast crawler, just like your sister. You will be on the move and walking once you get your confidence up! 

E A T I N G 
Still an incredible eater. You pretty much eat anything but throw whatever you disapprove of over to the dogs, ha! If you don't like it you will quickly let me know with a squeal of disappointment. You still nurse (or take a bottle when I work) 4-5 times a day, all depend on how many times you wake up in the night. I think we will slowly wean the day feedings but I'm hoping to hold on to our nighttime feedings and time together for a while longer. I haven't had that chance and with you being my last baby I'm hoping to make it last;) You basically eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat ALL the things. You practically eat what we eat! The only thing you haven't gotten to taste yet is honey! It's coming though, once you turn a year!

Still my worst sleeper but I wouldn't trade it for the world. You would probably sleep but we have hit a bad habit. If you cry in the middle of the night, Isabella still talks into the monitor letting me know you are crying and waking her up so we can't let you CIO. I usually just feed you when you wake because I know that means we will both go back to sleep as quickly as possible. I think we just need a few nights to break this habit or wean breastfeeding and we will be there. You still take two naps but you seem to be wanting to wean to one. We will see, I'm hoping for 2 naps for maybe a little longer just because of school pick up, etc. 

Weight: 17 lbs 6 oz (14%ile)
Length: 28.94 (39%ile)
Head: 17.52 (37% ile)

Diapers: Size 3
Longest stretch of sleep: 8 hours 
Clothes size: 6-12 months
Shoe size: Size 3
Teeth: 8

1sts: cake, birthday
Milestones: standing, cruising

Shots today: None (fever and bilateral ear infections)
We will have to return next week for shots


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