life lately....

life stays in the fast lane these days and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not saying I don't like a quiet day at home on occasion but I love staying busy...and so does my mini me. The kids always ask "what are we doing after bedtime?" ha! Isabella has been asking for another date with her daddy so they had a fun one on one date to Dave and Busters (she requested Chuck e Cheese and he did some negotiating;)) Cayson and I had fun together at home with Addi boo, of course. Having date nights with our kiddos is something we both love and need to continue to make more time for. It is so meaningful for them and for us! And wow, 1 kid seems so easy ha!
Isabella got all dressed up and requested she have her hair curled for her date:)
Any my sweet Cayson wanted in their picture
He requested cake and balloons for our one on one time!
This girl has gotten too big. Standing, taking steps...slow down my love!
Thankfully got to sneak in for Moms and Muffins....
This picture Cayson drew might be one of my most favorites!
After Saturday swim lessons Isabella always requested her hair wrapped in a towel like mommy
And then it was Cinco de Mayo and I missed the c in emergency, ha
Headed to Brynley's birthday party at Pump it Up before meeting the boys out at Vo's new house for their fun Cinco de Mayo fiesta
Sunday before church shenanigans...Addilyn wants to always carry a purse or something on her arm and the kiddos wanted in on the picture I was taking:) Love them!
We brunched and we ate out for dinner all in one day! It was lovely....enjoying before we started Whole 30 today, eek!

Happy Monday! Life is so fun! SO thankful!

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