Memorial Day weekend

We had the absolute best weekend with tons of sun, friends, good food and a Justin Timberlake concert. I mean what could be better. We spent 4 days straight cooking out, swimming and having all the fun. 

Friday...we Targeted (yes, that might as well be a verb now;)), we swam and momma and daddy had a parents night out for a going away party for one of my favorite neurosurgeons. We had a blast at the Rustic and loved some adulting time. Sure going to miss the Sawvels. 

Saturday...we started with a splash pad visit with some of our favorites after swim lessons. We rested then got ready to host cook out numero uno with some of our besties.

Sunday...after church we played and headed to our sweet friends for another delicious cook out and swimming fun.   

Monday...I worked the morning then hosted another cook out with our besties, the Laitinens. Then Kaiti and I got a last minute, incredible moms night out to the Justin Timberlake concert. A left cell phone in an Uber, dead cell phone batteries, a cancelled Uber, a $65 taxi ride home, an injured knee and burnt arm were 1000% worth it. We had the best time! Loved it!
I'm just saying;)

We will miss them tons!
1st splash pad visit
Isabella's posing:)

Sweet Cade..his attitude and those eye, trouble;)
A glimpse into our future;)
This girl and her love for food:)

JT with this girl...

What a fun weekend! Take me back

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