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ONE. Zoo party.....I swear Cayson's birthday seems to sneak up on me every year. I think it's because it is August and I should really start planning and thinking about it in May/June which is always cray, cray around here. He has been asking for a Zoo party for ages....a zoo party in the heat of August sounded awful, but we found a solution....splash pad Zoo party at the Ft Worth Zoo. To help with the heat, crowd and cost we are going to just do a fun Friday morning party. I let him choose just a few boys to invite (+ our huge family of course;)). Now to get on planning a few details and ordering invites!!

Look how cute!! Hes' going to love it! We will arrive super early then hit up the splash pad to cool off!

TWO. Emily & Meritt for PB. I have shared my love for all things Emily and Merrit at Pottery barn and I'm still in love. Isabella already picked her back pack, lunch box, water bottle and food container and I must say, she has great taste:) Can't wait to get them all in, yes I know it's June but they are offering 20% off right now with free shipping with code *friends....run! I'm sure I will share again with more details closer to school:) 

THREE. Underwater photos. We went swimming at our friend's house yesterday and she took some videos and photos of our little fish and I'm obsessed and now need a GoPro, ha! Seriously amazing quality and so fun to have! Now I must get one:)

Diving for his bullet. this kid has loved to dive for things since he was 2! 

FOUR. Dentist visit....I took my crazy train to the dentist yesterday and I went in pretty confident since our kids brush, floss and use mouth wash EVERY single night. They are so good about caring for their teeth but I was blindsided that both Isabella and Cayson have a cavity. Dennis and I were both shocked.  I shouldn't be surprised because of the horrible teeth I have, but I was hoping they would be lucky and get Dennis' teeth genes, but no such luck. So fillings it is for my sweet little ones, Isabella was so disappointed, we talk about the importance of flossing etc to avoid cavities and she was just as shocked, poor baby!

This ones teeth looked great but she officially needs ear tubes and a frenulectomy! 

Teeth and ears just taking all my money;)

FIVE. Soccer, teeball and football, oh my! It's official the McDonalds are hitting the sports circuit this weekend. Isabella is doing soccer and cheer camp this summer. Cayson is doing a teeball, soccer and football trio! The kids are so excited. Thankfully it will be early mornings so hopefully we will beat the heat:) The kids were so cute picking out all their supplies and getting them organized when we got home:)

I love how she kept pulling her socks up like panty hose....#girliegirl!

Hello Friday!! I NEEDED you! cant wait for some family time and lots of swimming this weekend!

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