life lately....

Our summer has officially kicked off and we are enjoying every minute. Lots of family, friends, sun and fun!

Last week we were able to sneak out and surprise our sweet cousin Levi at his 5th grade graduation. How is he so big? Seriously I can't believe how fast time flies. The kids did great, in the car is another story but they were great when it counts;) ha!

The cutest cousins!

The cutest fam!
Should have taken my glasses off! My distance vision is officially awful and if I want to see anything I have to wear them!

Just enjoying our daily dose of Vitamin D and water!!

This kid is obsessed with water balloons

Our annual float pic to start off the summer season!

My cute crew kicking off summer:)

Some pool side fun with the Morgan crew!! They requested tacos!

These two, I swear Addi loves Mamaw more than me!! Love them!

Checking out Mamaw's new swimming pool. It's so perfect!

This girl and her tummy:)

We finished out the weekend with some fun boating! It was so perfect. Addi took two naps, the kids swam, and rode the tube and did so great. My bum knee kept me from skiing, but maybe next time!

He loves her something fierce!

He was SO tired!! Nothing like a boat nap!

And that's a wrap from our week. We nursed our red faces and tired bodies yesterday, thankful for cancelled plans and a slow rainy Monday! Now we are ready to take on the week!

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