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For my Friday favorites today I thought I would share the links and answers to my most asked questions lately on my Instagram stories, most from our recent beach trip etc. 

ONE. What car seats do you have that fit 3 across in your backseat?
I did a huge car seat review here when we were doing research. Our previous set up while Addilyn was in her infant car seat was Britax Boulevard (for Cayson), Britax Pioneer (for Isabella), and Maxi Cosi (for Addilyn). Addilyn was getting quite fussy in the car and we finally moved her up to the convertible Maxi Cosi before our road trip and it helped tons. We also moved Cayson up to this Britax Pioneer and they all fit perfectly, Cayson behind driver's side, Isabella in the middle and Addilyn rear facing behind the passenger's side. 
 Britax Boulevard (for Cayson), Britax Pioneer (for Isabella), and Maxi Cosi (for Addilyn)

  Britax Pioneer (Cayson), Britax Pioneer (for Isabella)Convertible Maxi Cosi (Addilyn)

TWO. What's your favorite wet/dry bags for swimsuits? 
Pottery Barn Kids are my all time favorite. They hold up well and are easy to throw in the wash. I also stock up when Target has them in their dollar spot. I use these bags for everything: snacks, wet clothes, extra clothes, toys, notepads. Stock up, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

THREE. What's the container you organize your kid's LOL dolls and small toys in? 
These sterilite divided cases are a must have for all the small things! A few of my favorite IG mommas posted about them and we are addicted. This Amazon link is a 6 pack and I promise you will use them all. They also make adorable gifts. I also found single ones at Target:)

FOUR. Where did you get the files for your kiddos school items? 

My kid's expandible files I found at Target. Here is the link to Cayson's marble one. I also found this adorable set on Amazon and I saw a new floral one at Target recently (can't find it online to link it).  I absolutely love these and am so thankful I got these organized. I added their names using my Silhouette machine:) In the very front I have a school picture and holiday pictures from each year and in the very back I put their books I am having their teachers sign every year. 

FIVE. Where did you get all your travel organization items?

These are my always on hand items for traveling. Most stay in our suitcases or very close by and easy to grab. 

 Isabella's hair accessories box is this one from Amazon. The dividers can be moved and rearranged. I have one of these first aid packages everywhere literally, one in my car, one in the back of my car, one in every diaper bag and each kid has their own they love to carry and hold their "own" bandaids in. Because every momma knows you must ALWAYS have bandaids on hand. I got asked about the kid's toothbrush kits...I find them at Target by their traveling toiletries area. I keep one in the kid's suitcases and travel bags. 

SIX. Where did you get the kid's sea shell bags and your baby beach tent? I got so many questions about our beach items I should probably do a full post if I find time:)
I ordered the kid's monogrammed sea shell bags from my friend of Lil's letters. I also found these on Amazon that you could get monogrammed:)

The tent I got for Addilyn on the beach was a lifesaver. I can't find the exact link to the one we used but here is one very similar. Addilyn took the best naps of her life in the shade under this tent. Highly recommend. And this shark one is adorable too. 

Also, frequently asked question was about the pool and water beads. Genius!! Provided hours of entertainment. And this was the water slide my cousin brought! SO fun!

Phew...that was long but truly some of our favorites currently. I will be working on a full beach post soon:)

Happy Friday!

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