f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Swell bottles and new Swell lid. If you've been following long you know I have a long standing love for Swell bottles. We all use them and they finally came out with new easy sip lids to put on the bottles. These are genius and are so easy for the kids. Grab them if you are a Swell bottle addict as well:)

TWO. Pre work planning. The three days a week I work my day starts between 4:30-5 am. I am out the door no later than 5:30 am so it is imperative that I have all the kiddos items packed and organized the night before. These Lunchbots lunch boxes are lifesavers for me. They are a little pricey but last forever. So easy to pack, clean, reuse and they fit perfectly into any lunchbox. Also, as said above the kids each have a Swell bottle with their monogram on it that is filled and ready. The cute Itzy Ritzy reusable bags are my ALL time favorite...we don't use plastic unless we have to at our house so I love these. And drawstring style bags are my absolute favorite for sports camps etc. How cute are these animal ones:) These would be great gift bags!

Isabella's cheer camp snacks...packed and ready

THREE. Cheer camp. Speaking of cheer camp Isabella had her first cheer camp this week and loved it. It was so adorable to watch her up there smiling and cheering with confidence. I think one of the hardest things about parenting is releasing your kiddos into someone elses hands and wondering how they are handling new situations when you aren't around. My isabella is a people pleaser and serious rule follower...she had a horrible tummy ache the first day and held it together until momma arrived and she just sobbed. My sweet girl. She ended up loving cheer camp and already can't decide what is her favorite...shocker...it is NOT soccer, "Mommy, all you do is run too much!" I feel ya girl ha;)

She also asked if she was going to get a bouquet of flowers after her performance. When we pulled up to dinner close to a Target she said "Mommy, isn't that awesome...we are eating right by where we can get flowers." It was so cute so daddy ran and grabbed her some flowers:)

FOUR. Wild Things...give me all the boy raising advice and help. My sweet friend Ali, who I admire and adore, was reading this so I grabbed it in seconds. It has already been so enlightening and helpful. Goodness this parenting gig is not easy. My biggest goal in raising a son is to train him to be a God loving gentleman....

FIVE. Outdoor fun....it is still SO hot here you need any and ALL water games to be outside. The kids have been dying to buy this Wet head game so when we saw it at Target we had to have it. It is adorable and the kiddos giggles while we played were the best. When daddy got soaked it was the best!
Also I posted a video of Cayson riding on this moving pool float and got so many questions about it...it is a huge hit! The kids love it!
It has a water gun and driving capability. SO cute

Happy Friday. Cheers to the weekend. 

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