FIFTEEN months-Addilyn

Oh little Addi, how in the world are you already 15 months old. You are just as busy and fun as ever. You keep me on my toes these days and have made our hearts so full...

A C T I V I T Y/ P E R S O N A L I T Y

You are ALL over the place. Finally at about 14 months you decided you could walk and haven't looked back. Before you were walking you were the fastest crawler and our biggest climber. You have two chipped front teeth to prove it. You are SO, SO busy. We can't take our eyes off of you for even a minute before you are into something! I love and dislike this stage all at the same time;) You have a BIG personality and are a little goof ball. You have also started to really let us know when you aren't happy....insert slapping and tantrums, eye roll. I wasn't ready for this stage but here we are. You adore your brother and sister and love to play with them. Cayson still gets the best giggles and belly laughs from you....speaking of laugh you have the best giggle on the planet. We are so thankful for your sweet little spirit. You are also the best cuddle bug and momma loves it. 

First dentist appointment and you rocked it

First beach loved EVERY thing about it

You could dig in the dirt like your brother for hours


Once we finally weaned nursing around 13.5 months you finally slept through the night, hallelujah!! It has officially changed our lives. You sleep from about 6:30 pm to 6:30 am. You are our earliest riser and will wake up by 6:30 no matter your bedtime. You also decided you really love the pacifier the last few months and I think that is helping you sleep (just in time for us to want to get rid of it, ugh). I will let you keep the pacifier for a while longer though, I learned my lesson with Cayson. You still take two naps a day and they are super inconsistent with how long they are. Sometimes you nap 3 hours sometimes barely an hour but you go down with out a fight. I usually rock you, sing a few songs and lay you down no problem. On occasion if you are super tired you will point for your crib like your sister would:) SO thankful for sleep!


Oh can eat. You love food more than any baby I've ever seen. Weaning you to whole milk proved what I always knew...I produce skim milk. You gained a pound rather quickly once we started it similar to Isabella and Cayson. If you see food you want it and will fuss until you get it. You will also go cry or bang on the fridge or pantry until you get what you want:) I am thankful you eat well but it can feel impossible to fill you up some days. You also like to shovel as much food as possible in your mouth at one time...we have to watch you like a hawk so you don't choke. You eat pretty much anything still but if you are done or don't want it you throw it over to the dogs, ha! We have transitioned all of you to Almond milk for allergy reasons and you have done great and love it. Since it is less calories you make up for it by just eating more;) I definitely don't have to worry about you in the eating department. 


Well my little Addi you are our first baby to need ear tubes. Since about 9 months of age we have not been able to keep your ears infection and fluid free. You would complete a round of antibiotics and still have fluid and congestion. It was exhausting and I hated it for you. I was concerned  it was effecting your hearing as you didn't babble or talk as much as I and C did, and I was right you had moderate hearing loss once we got it tested at the ENT. That sold me on ear tubes. We are praying and hopeful your hearing will make a full recovery in the next few months. You also got a frenectomy since your frenulum was causing a huge gap between your front teeth. We are so thankful for our sweet ENT, he said pus came out as soon as he put the tube in...goodness you needed them so bad.  You were adorable on the goofy juice and woke up hangry and angry just like your sister does. You did so great with surgery and recovered so quickly, oh and you are already babbling and talking way more than you were. I think you already hear and feel better and the gap between your teeth already looks better:) 

Just flying up the growth charts unlike your siblings;)

Helping me fill out your love to color and draw

Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz (24%ile)
Length: 30.5 (47%ile)
Head: 17.68 (28% ile)

Diapers: Size 3
Longest stretch of sleep: 12 hours (6:30-6:30)
Clothes size: 12-18 months
Shoe size: Size 3
Teeth: 12 (getting last molar as we speak)

1sts: dentist visit, beach trip, 
Milestones: standing, cruising

Shots today: Pentacel (Dtap, Hib, IPV), Hep A


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