Back to school favorites...

I posted some of Isabella's "Back to school" or Off to kinder items {insert all the tears} on instagram and got tons of questions so I thought I would share our favorites and links here. I have ALWAYS loved school shopping and school supplies, big nerd I admit it;) I had so much fun picking out all of Isabella's supplies even though we were limited on certain colors etc, insert eye roll, but I loved it and we had even more fun back to school clothes shopping with our besties. I monogrammed everything myself using my Silhouette machine, best purchase ever, but if you don't have a Silhouette my best friend Jaimee purchased this set and her items are ALL adorable and for the price I plan to grab a few myself!

I'm pretty obsessed with all of these backpacks. I let Isabella pick her new kindergarten backpack and she picked the Emily & Meritt floral (she also has the suitcase), she also picked a new kitty lunch box and water bottle. The gold State one is too precious as well. We have used Lunchbots for years and will continue to, but I grabbed these adorable gold ones for Isabella this year. I decided they will use the same backpack and lunch box through preschool and get a new one for kinder...after that I'm clueless ha! Cayson has this backpack but if I had to let him "pick" a new one for this year I am obsessed with this one or this State one! He wanted a new cup like sissy so he got this one for his birthday:) I have used these silicone cups inside the Lunchbots forever and these cute new shaped ones by Cat & Jack are everything:)

Yoobi for Target  hit it out of the park this year. I am new to the buying tons of school supplies but EVERYTHING Yoobi at Target right now is cute. Cayson is already picking things out for when he goes to kindergarten:) These Lunch notes are SO adorable, I can't wait for Isabella to read better than just Love and the, ha, so we can use these! And these adorable lunch picks by Cat & Jack:) My kids also thought these slap bracelet rulers were hilarious and a must have:)

Rainbow pencil sharpener|Pineapple fan|Shark pencil case|Rainbow lipgloss|Ice pop pencil holder|Narwal accessory case(Can't find the link anywhere-Isabella picked from our favorite local boutique store Eden Lifesyle Boutique-we need one for every bag;)

Happy countdown to back to school. I can feel all the emotions in the same 5 minutes if that is possible. My first baby off to kindergarten is causing me all sorts of anxiety, fear, excited, too many emotions to handle. Send me all your mommy advice. T-7 days:(

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