f r i d a y favorites


ONE. i9 sports. This weekend we wrap up our summer of sports. I am ready to have our early Sunday mornings back but I have absolutely loved watching Cayson and Isabella play soccer and teeball/football for Cayson this summer. They have grown and matured so much the last 2 months, I can't even handle it. Cayson said his favorite was baseball and Isabella loved soccer but is ready to "be on the stage." Ha, I love that girl. Ballet, tap and jazz here we come. I think I'm going to have Cayson take the fall off and adjust to back to preschool then maybe try some baseball again in the spring or summer:) i9 sports was so perfect for us, 30 minute practice followed by 30 minute games....so laid back yet fun. 

TWO. Joystar bike. Isabella is in desperate need for a bigger bike and I'm trying to convince her that this is the one she wants:) She said it isn't too girlie, maybe if I add a pink basket it will be girlie enough, ha! Debating surprising her with it for back to school or waiting for her birthday! I think she needs it for the fall to ride to school for sure;)

THREE. Wenda cut out boots. I've had my eye on some cut out boots like this and finally took the plunge. For the price you can't beat them. They are so comfy and cute for the fall. Give me all the cognac;)

FOUR. Back to school teacher gifts. It's that time again. I debated first day of school teacher gifts again this year but feel like something small is just such a fun little jester. I plan to throw some Sharpie markers in a mason jar like last year, same gift, different teachers, with a Starbucks gift card;) What you are your favorite teacher gift ideas. Here's my Pinterest gift board. We have back to school pictures this weekend...a photo session we haven't done before and I can't wait!!

 Gift ideas

FIVE. Zara fall collection. I am pretty obsessed with all of Zara's new fall collection release. We grabbed a few things a few weeks ago when we went back to school shopping and I spy a few more items Isabella and Cayson need stat. I am also loving all of Remie Girl's fall release, I'm eyeing a few Wil and Frida skirts for Addi. Summer is my favorite of all time but fall is a close second. Give me all the fall weather and clothes. 

This jumper is absolute perfection..I can't wait to get my hands on it for Isabella...I think it will be perfect with her skin tone and hair with a black leo underneath:)

These almond bloomers are must have for Addi for the fall.

Suspender jeans are my absolute favorite for Cayson...he has had a pair every year since he was born. 

And this Remie girl skirt and all the ruffle leos are to die for! 

Happiest Friday friends!

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