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ONE. Inch bug labels. Now that we are in the world of elementary school I decided we needed to start being better about labeling the kiddos clothes. We lost a really nice North Face jacket of Cayson's last year, so I refuse to do that again. I ordered these adorable Tag pals to put in the kiddos clothes. Also, if you haven't yet, grab these vinyl labels to label all the non clothing items-must have!

TWO. Crazy Rich Asians. I read this book in anticipation of the movie coming out this week and I can't wait to watch it. The book did not disappoint, I read it in 2 days, and I've heard the movie is super cute. I just started the second book China Rich Girlfriend on my Kindle and will definitely read Rich People Problems, the third book in this cute trilogy.

THREE. My baby started Kindergarten yesterday. I can't wait to share more pics and details of her week. I was a sobbing mess and she "had a great day, met 4 new friends and her teacher is super sweet."

FOUR. Baskets and organization. Organization is life and some days I have more time for it than others. I FINALLY grabbed a cute basket to organize my wrapping paper in the study. I used to store it in a closet but now with 3 kiddos I have limited closet strorage so needed a cute visible solution. 

FIVE. It's Friday...looking forward to some swimming and friend time!
If only I was flying somewhere fun;)


SIX. Kate Spade surprise sale. I just perused this sale and decided I had to share these adorable keychain and small wallets. You can't beat the price and how cute would they be for teacher gifts or Christmas gifts with a gift card inside?!

Love this floral one....

Also had to share these flip flips for only $24

Run....there are so many cute ones!! Such great gifts!

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  1. I need to read Crazy Rich Asians. I started it awhile back but wasn’t in the mood and never picked it back up! I picked up a Kate Spade keychain on Mercari a few months ago and love it. These wallets are super cute too. Very tempting!