First day of school...

My sweet baby started Kinder last Thursday...I still can't believe it. I was a teary mess and she is absolutely loving it. We read several different books in anticipation of starting Kinder and 2 years of Pre-k did wonders for her. She has been far more brave and independent than I ever expected. She got a little tearful at Meet the Teacher, I think from all the nerves and excitement but has already asked when she can just walk to school by herself. She wishes she could ride the bus but we live too close for that! She came home from the first day of school saying, "I had the best day. I met 4 new friends and my teacher is super sweet." Be still my heart, world be kind to her. I think entrusting my babies hearts to someone else may be the hardest parenting thing I do. 

She told me most recently she wants to be a doctor that fixes animals when she grows up...can't wait to see what her future little Isabella, please slow down. I pray for you and love you more than you will ever know. Watch out world, here she comes!

The night before kindergarten 
She requested a special Hibachi dinner for her last night before school dinner. She requested this picture of her studying her homework:)

Cutest back to school bows by Ellia May Designs

Morning "decorated" breakfast as requested by Isabella
I spy some sweet "jitter glitter" in her hair from her adorable teacher

Holding back all the tears!

Sat right down to color and didn't look back!

First kindergarten lunch...shes already asking when she can buy her lunch.

Happy Back to school friends!

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