4 years-Cayson William

Finally getting my sweet boys 4 year update up; better 1.5 months late than never right?! 

My sweet Cayson buddy, how is it possible that you are already 4. I feel like I'm in complete denial that this is true, I'm secretly thankful you won't start kinder until you are 6 because that means I get you at home with me longer:) You are my high energy, super sweet, super sensitive one. You are go with the flow and constantly have to be on the move. You love puzzles, hidden pictures, and coloring. You are also obsessed with LOL dolls, thanks to your big sissy. You are still equally obsessed with dinosaurs and have a new obsession with tractors. 

We are so, so thankful for you and your precious personality and joy you bring our family.


The three top pictures depict your adorable personality perfectly. You are the most loving, cuddliest thing. You are the best brother and adore your sisters. You are going to be such a wonderful big brother to Addi and you adore and look up to your big sissy. You also are the most active, ALL boy and free spirit. I adore it and have learned so much from you. I may have to tell you 1000x a day not to hit or climb on things but you constantly make me smile. I have learned to embrace the boy nature in you and have learned so much. You are my mama's boy for sure. You love to cuddle and need quality time with me especially if I work a few days in a row. You are full of joy and energy that we love and adore. 

You can and will spend hours digging in the sand, dirt, whatever you can get your hands on with your tractors. I see a sandbox in your future

Your dad gave you the cutest mohawk one day and you were obsessed but wouldn't let me cut your hair to do it more often.

You played soccer, teeball and football this summer. It was the cutest thing ever! Your favorite sport was football...I'm not sure if I've seen anything cuter than a bunch of 3-4 year olds running around with mouth guards in, grabbing at each others flags. You were pretty shy and needed to know momma was right there. I think we will take a few semesters off and play a sport again next year. You are also rather ambidextrous-you seemed to bat left but throw right, we will see. Your momma was like that with gymnastics:)

I don't think there is anything cuter than dads being coaches:)

E A T I N G 

You are a great eater. Your favorite thing is salads with olives...haha! SO random but I'll take it. You love peanut butter and jelly unlike your big sister. You will eat any fruit but are still picky with vegetables (besides what I sneak into salads:)) You love pouches still, its the best and easiest way to still get all the fruits and veggies in you. Oreos with milk are your favorite treat. 


You are a wonderful sleeper. You can take quite a while to unwind at night and may come out asking for 50, 000 things but once you are asleep, you sleep great. You still nap about an hour each day and usually wake up tearful and upset (I still haven't quite figured this out).  You will randomly wake up sometimes in the middle of the night, bring all your clothes down for the next day and start getting ready for the day...its so cute but I have to help you get back to your room and remind you to wait until your clock turns green. You always fall right back to sleep no problem:)

You love healthy, green smoothies

You were so proud of your medal:0


Your sisters, LOL dolls, dinosaurs, tractors, playing hidden pictures, puzzles, painting and coloring, riding your bike, driving your car in "fast mode," playing football, going to Target, any surprise toy, squishies, legos, climbing, jumping....

Hello 4!!

Weight: 32.2 (16%ile)
Height: 40.55 (52%ile)
BMI: 13/8 (<3%ile)
BP: 103/67
Pulse: 99

Diapers: NONE, underwear ALL day, everyday-party!!!!
Sleep: 7:30 pm- 7 am
Nap: 1 hr a day usually 2-3 pm
Clothes: 3-4T
Shoe size: 10-11

Shots: Dtap, MMR, IPV, Varicella

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