School lunch must haves....

I've shared a bunch of our lunchbox favorites on Instagram and thought I would share here as well. I've gotten tons of questions about our favorite lunch boxes, water bottles and ice packs so I'm going to try to share and ling everything here. We are avidly obsessed with our LunchBot containers. We have been using them since Isabella started pre-K and absolutely love them They are metal (no plastic, yay), reusable and last forever. I know tons of people that also love Yumbox and I love them too so cute and convenient but they are plastic so we opted for Lunchbots. I also know people who love the PlanetBox, but the feedback I've gotten is they are harder to open for littles so we may invest in one when Isabella is a little bigger. Isabella is using this Pottery Barn one this year and we love it. I bought these Lunch bot condiments containers for dips etc and they work great. I recently grabbed Isabella this pink Thermos for soups, meatballs, anything that needs to stay warm for the fall. I love that a little spoon comes hidden in the lid, she saw this one at  Target the other day and wants it too;) Last year we used this Lunchbot version but it is smaller but works great too, I use it for Addi now!

I love cutting the kids sandwiches into little shapes...this set of sandwich/cookie cutters is adorable. It has the small stamps for fruit etc. I adore this reusable silverware set, I loved that it has its own container and comes with chopsticks;) These silicone cups are perfect to keeping food separate, Isabella HATES when hers gets mixed...Cat and Jack had some fun shaped ones at Target this year as well.

And as I've shared a hundred times these Itzy Ritzy snack bags are a life saver and genius. These mini ones are perfect for little hands and snacks like goldfish. I also shared this freezer cold snack container on IG and my Friday this for yogurt or cold veggies for snack time. Oh and to add (because I got a few questions) these are the ice packs I throw underneath and sometimes on top of the Lunchbots to keep things in their lunch cold.

I shared a few of my toddler meal time favorites over on this blog post a while back.

And a few of our lunches for inspo....I love seeing other momma's posts like these...
Hot dogs, peaches, hummus+pretzels+Annie's chocolate chip cookies

Turkey roll ups, peaches, Pirates booty, Annies cookies

Homemade lunchable

Prosciutto wrapped cheese, Clif kids organic bars, peaches

Send any fun lunch ideas my mommas need all the help we can get:)

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