f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Halloween costumes...T-19 days until Halloween...how is this possible? I am finally finalizing our family Halloween costumes. I just ordered this adorable tutu to finish out Addi's adorable costume. Who do you think she will be? Have you guessed our family theme based on Cayson's current favorite costume?

TWO. Bentgo boxes...I absolutely love these Bentgo boxes and they are on crazy sale (60% off) on Zulily today. I wish they were metal (we stick to metal) but I love how these help you be creative and can help foster good health proportions. We use the Luncbots, this PBK one and I plan to get Isabella this Planet Box next year.

THREE. Organization...our floodcalypse 2018 caused me to do more purging and cleaning out than
I have done in years. I wish I had a before and after shot of my closet. I'll have to post an after once it is 100% done. The carpet finally got laid this week and I'm feeling like my life is almost back in order. I purged 8 trash bags full of clothes and shoes...over 30 pairs of pants, 50 shirts and 20 shoes....#hoarder. There were clothes from circa 2000 calling for their retirement...haha! The two things I grabbed this week that were game changers was this shoe shelf and these acrylic trays to organize my clutches. I tucked the shoe shelf under my dresses out of the way so I no longer have 20 pairs of shoes on my floor, #lifechanged. I'm also obsessed with these Linus Pantry Binz.

FOUR. Target toy sale.  I'm being a proactive Christmas shopper this year and am already making lists and buying gifts. Look at me all being all plannerish;) Target toys are currently $25 off if you spend $100 or $10 off if you spend $50. Run its only good until 10/13/18. How cute would this little play house be painted white?!

FIVE. Sweater weather....give me all the sweaters. I froze at the Frisco High School football game last night (more on that later) and I LOVED it. Hello sweater weather finally!!

Loving this leopard one

HAPPIEST FRIDAY...I think rain may dampen our weekend plans but maybe a lazy rainy weekend is in order!!

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