hello october

october 1st means it is officially acceptable to bring out all the black, orange and pumpkins. Even though our house is still a disaster (thanks to a bath tub overflow situation), the kids and I were not going to allow it to hold us back from decorating all the things. The kids had so much fun, they requested we run to Target to grab just a few more pumpkins;) Kids after my own heart! They did most of the decorating themselves, seriously! I was uber impressed so didn't rearrange anything! 

Quick Target run for more "punkin pies" as Cayson calls them:)

Cayson picked out his costume and I'm not sure I've ever seen a cuter Captain America....he was so proud and told me when he sees bad guys he will get them for me:)
the kid's table area that has been a life saver! Got this idea from Jessica from Garvin & Co 5+ years ago!

Cutest spider I ever did see:)

Completed tablescape by Cayson and Isabella 

October 1st lunch....

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