Life lately

Goodness I feel so behind. I didn't realize how exponentially busier our lives would get once Isabella started kindergarten. Something about her being gone 5 days a week, teachers conferences, book fairs, spirit days....its all SO much busier these days. Hence even with 5000 reminders and even talking about it that evening I totally forgot about picture day today. My sweet Isabella proudly sported her cat ears and a plain black shirt...she was so proud and clueless so I am thankful for that. We are knee deep in all the Halloween things and I am ready for this rain to be gone....we have done none of our favorite things this year-State Fair, Arboretum, multiple pumpkin patches because it keeps raining and raining. I am going to sneak in a pumpkin patch this weekend if its the last thing that I do;)

She is obsessed with bean dip and birds....she will point and squeal every bird she sees

My sweet friend Allison throws the most adorable parties. Cayson is obsessed with tractors just like Jax so he was in heaven. 

Addi was pretty excited too:)

Addi with the big girls:)

Got to enjoy Taylor Swift with this thankful for her. And TS didn't disappoint

National walk to school day...I snapped this picture on our way out...Addi wasnt feeling it ha! She loves to cruise but apparently this morning she just wanted to walk!

Doing all the festive things

'This sweet boy handpicked these flowers for his teachers birthday...this was what he wanted to get for was probably one of the sweetest, most excited moments he's had. Be still my heart. Praying I can help foster him into the sweetest, loving gentleman who values women!

My little Miss Cheer girl was in heaven she asked if she could do this every week:)

His first "Friday night lights" experience and he was in heaven too:)

These sweet cheerleader was so amazing with Isabella!!

Life has been full and my heart is even more full!

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