Random thank you

 I survived my first field trip this week. For some reason that seemed like my official right of passage into parenthood and made me feel 1000 years old, ha! I've been in denial and think I'm still in my twenties. It also made me appreciate our sweet teachers 1,000,000 percent more than I already do. They seriously deserve more appreciation than I could ever show them! Momma's please show your teachers how much you love and appreciate them. They put up with far more than we could ever imagine! I grabbed Isabella's teacher a "Just because" thank you today and thought I would share.  

I grabbed these earrings...try to pay attention to what your child's teacher likes. Isabella's teacher has worn a few tassel earrings so I know she likes them. Also, most schools release a "favorite things" and our teacher posted a "wish list" at the beginning of the year so I watch those. 

Sugar fix by Babble Bar has so many cute choices at Target and it is so convenient to grab while you are already there (we frequent Target weekly, eek sometimes biweekly;))

School teachers always love and appreciate gift cards, school supplies and bandaids. I also try to monthly help stock up their treasure chests:)

Bandaids and treasure chest items

Also, our school nurses (Isabella likes to frequently visit hers for every minor ache and pain) deserve SO much.

Hand sanitizer is always a fun idea and easy idea that is a must have. Packing a fun little first aid kit would be a perfect little gift as well. I have one in every bag and one in my car. These little Medi Buddy first aid kits are adorable as well. I have one in every diaper bag!
Small school nurse thank you-wipes, hand sanitizer, Target gift card

My adorable kindergartener on her first field trip to the Pumpkin patch 

Random thank yous are always the best! Every loves to feel appreciated and loved!

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