EIGHTEEN months-Addilyn

Our sweet little Addilyn....you are so full of life and personality. Being number three in the kiddo line has made you the toughest, loudest, wildest and the one with the biggest personality. You have a sense of humor and silliness just like your brother. You give me a heart attack 900x a day from climbing on things that you shouldn't. Our lives are so much fuller with you in it. I cannot believe you are 18 months. You keep us on our toes and light up our lives!

Your most favorite book ever! You will bring this and climb in to someones lap at least once a day!

SO proud of yourself when you discovered you could climb up here and turn on the water!

This matches your personality to a tee!

You will also lift your shirt up for us to tickle your back:)
And think you are SO big when you get to color like sissy and bubby

Trying to entertain you at dance can be exhausting

 A C T I V I T Y/ P E R S O N A L I T Y

You have the sweetest, spunkiest toddler personality there ever was. You let us know when you aren't happy exhibit A below. You can already throw an epic fake tantrum and fake cry. It is quite hilarious. What used to probably make me cringe as a new mom just makes me laugh. You do like to hit when you are mad so we are working on that. This is one of the hardest ages because you don't truly understand cause and effect and disciplining feels near impossible. You are SO, SO busy. You do not sit still for 2 minutes. You have started to show some interested in a few TV shows and I cannot wait, call it bad parenting but I can't wait haha!


You finally decided to sleep through the night at 15 months when we weaned all breastfeeding. You slept incredible for 2 months and have now started a strange regression. Something occurs in your sleep cycle around 4 AM causing you to wake up upset and crying. You easily settled yourself back down for a while but have started requiring some cuddles. I'm guessing night terrors like your siblings had but I am hoping it is short lived. You are down to one nap and the length is variable. It is usually about an hour but sometimes lasts up to 2.5 hours. Girl, you don't need sleep, maybe you will be like your momma. 
You are still the cuddliest little love bug there ever was! Rocking you to sleep is my most favorite thing!


Eating has to be hands down your favorite past time. Ha! You are picky but you LOVE food. You will literally hang on, bang on or cry at the fridge until we tend to your appetite. It is super cute. You have an adorable belly to show for it and you hang it out proudly! Your current favorites are yogurt drinks, cheese, pouches, raisins, and peanut butter and jelly. We switched you to almond milk before your ear tubes and you seem great with it. You don't drink tons, maybe 4 ounces a day. You prefer water like your big sissy. 

Just one of your daily visits to the fridge!


Your ear tubes have been life changing for you. You have only had one cold since you got them and it didn't linger forever or cause an ear infection. You are hearing and talking so much better since you got them. Having your frenulum clipped has also helped your teeth tremendously. You still have chipped paci mouth but I love it. You still seem a little delayed in your speech in comparison to Isabella but right about the same as Cayson I would say. Otherwise developmentally you are as crazy and wild as ever:)

Weight: 22 lbs 4oz (42%ile)
Length: 31.5 (35%ile)
Head: 17.95 (30% ile)

Diapers: Size 3
Longest stretch of sleep: 12 hours (6:30-6:30)
Clothes size: 12-18 months
Shoe size: Size 5
Teeth: 16 (last two teeth finally coming in, just missing 2 year molars)

1sts: Zoo visit, Beach trip
Milestones: Climbing, jumping

Shots today: None just a Hgb check

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