f r i d a y favorites



ONE. Polly Pockets. Have you seen it, Polly Pockets are making a come back? I'm so excited to grab a few for Isabella's stocking. She is going to love them. I mean she better right?! I loved them growing up and I just might play with them too:)

TWO. Girl Wash Your Face. I finally started this book on my girl's trip and am loving it. If you haven't read it, it's a great encouraging easy read. 

THREE. Christmas....all these people early decorating for Christmas has me ALL ready for Christmas. I am obsessed with this tree and would love to revamp all my Christmas decor this year.  

FOUR. Thanksgiving....is NEXT week. Where in the world did time go? I can't believe it. I can't wait for some good food and family time! SO thankful this year and can't wait!

Not complete but getting the table ready!

FIVE. Cooler weather...I was initially depressed to return from Florida to icy cold weather but I quickly decided there is nothing cuter than a bundled little love! This weekend is suppose to be beautiful and I can't wait!!

Happiest Friday!

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