f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Meri meri charm bracelet Advent calendar . This charm bracelet advent calendar is SO good. It sold out last year before I could get one for Isabella and I am determined to grab one this year. Inserting all the eye rolls but we will probably also grab a LOL doll advent calendar so Cayson can enjoy:)

TWO. Opal house Target...I shared this collection on my IG stories on Wednesday, it is so, so go. The Sugar Paper collection was so adorable as well. I'm loving all the Christmas collections that are coming out. Anthropologie's is to die for as usual as well.  And so we don't leave Thanksgiving out, you NEED to go this coloring tablecloth for the kid's table.

Joy paper-Loving the black and white

Cutest Nutcracker I've ever seen

THREE. Target buddies....as most know that know me we frequent Target often....like often. Usually at least once a week if not twice. It is where I do 95% of my shopping. It's a one stop shop and SO convenient for this momma. I've had a lot of people ask me to start sharing my weekly finds so I'm going to start trying to share them on my IG stories. If you don't follow me over there come find me: @stephemcdonald.
They snack, I shop

I think my kids would pick Target over going to the park, haha

FOUR. Nordstrom Fall Sale is now through November 18th. My favorite tunic is on sale, I have it in ivory and rust!

FIVE. Key West...waking up to this view this morning and not mad about it!

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