His & Her gift guides

This list is short and sweet, we are simple people. We don't usually do huge gifts for each other for Christmas but I LOVE gift giving so we always do at least a little something. These are a few of our favorites, must haves, and wants:) 

Airpods -This is my want this year. I have been eyeing them and enviously watch other people wear them at the gym;) It's like a need/want ha!

Ugg slippers are hands down my favorite thing of all time. I have this pair and have worn them everyday since I got them. I 'm thinking Dennis needs these Ugg men slippers and I am eyeing this Ugg women's slippers.

We are in need of a new diffuser. I love this one and you can't beat the price. I would ideally like one for every room in our house. Nothing better than diffusing some lavender at bedtime.

Air fryer-if you haven't bought into the air fryer you are missing out. It is amazing. We love it. There are so many great recipes for it too that I can't wait to try.

Instapot-I haven't jumped on the Instapot bandwagon yet but I think its time. And I love this Branding iron for my chef husband. It would be so great for fancy steak nights.

Dyson V7-this is on my list x1000. I have been dying for one and I think Christmas this year is time. I love my Dyson but I love this cordless version...said by a true vacuumaholic. I vacuum no less than once a day! This might feed into my addiction even more.

Google Home-we are obsessed. Our kids are obsessed to. They used their birthday gifcartds to get Echo dots....which are so perfect for their rooms. She can set alarms, check the weather, tell them kid's jokes and play music. Pretty adorable. Target Black Friday ad looks like they will be on sale for $19, what?!

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