Kid's Christmas gift guides

My kid's Christmas gift guide is offically complete. We will still do our usual something you read, something you need, something you want, and something you wear for our gifts for the kiddos. I've gathered a collection of the things the kids have asked for and what they will likely be getting from us, Santa and grandparents. I think Christmas this year is going to the best one yet. I can't wait to see Addilyn on Christmas day now that she is old enough to understand presents.  

Doll house: we actually got this doll house for Addilyn this year. EVERY little girl needs a doll house. Addi is obsessed with Isabella's doll house but Isabella does not love her messing it up

Crosley record player: I really want this for Christmas, I mean I really want to get Isabella one for Christmas...haha, I've been obsessed with these for years and I think Isabella is going to love it. I already found The Greatest Showman record....I hope she loves it!

LOL bigger surprise: My kids have been begging for one of these. I think we will get one for the kids to share. Our house is already exploding with LOL dolls. 

Microphone: This microphone is a must have. Isabella got it for her birthday and it is perfection. This USB disco light would be the perfect addition.

Jewelry box: I forgot to add this to the collage but Isabella will be getting the large white one this year. She has been asking for one for almsot 6 months:)

Unicorn headphones: Isabella is obsessed with headphones so she will love these. She is also currently obsessed with all things flip sequin and purses so she will love this backpack and Swan purse. She also requested these slippers like mine...they look nothing like mine except they slip on;)

Caboodle: Caboodles are making a come back and my little organization and hair accessory loving queen would be in heaven with one. I think it might make all our lives easier and maybe we'd quit losing brushes. It would be so cute filled with a few accessories. 

Instax camera: several of Isabella's friends have this and she is obsessed. I have already seen it in several Black Friday ads including Target who will have it on sale for $59 plus get a $15 gift card, I may attempt to grab one. This cover and strap is a must have as well:)

Suit case: Each of our kids after their 1st birthday gets their first suitcase. I have been eyeing several cute ones for Addi but I am thinking this is the one.

Play Kitchen: Like a doll house I think every kid needs a play kitchen. Our kids go through spurts on playing with ours but it still gets used often. This play food is my favorite ever. 

Bitty baby: Addilyn is currently Uhhhbesessed with baby dolls. If we didn't have 9000 already she would be getting a Bitty baby. I may decide to add one because they are such keepsakes. 

Anywhere chair: Our kiddos all get an Anywhere for Christmas, usually their 1st, and Addi still needs one. Loving this simple pink one. 

Barking dog: Addi has been in love with Isabella's old barking dog. Hers is officially dead so I am thinking Addilyn needs one for herself. 

Rocking swan: our kids also each have a Stuffed rocking animal in their rooms. Addilyn ended up with a non rocking swan. I am loving this new black swan PBK has. This Hearth & Hand wooden rocking goat is super cute too. 

Water bottle: Addilyn is obsessed with Cayson and Isabella's PBK water bottles, mind you we have 3,000 other water bottles, but she is in love with these. I plan to grab her one of these for her stocking. 

Cayson seems to be the hardest to shop for, for me. He doesn't ask for much except LOL dolls like sissy ha. He did request a new car because his current Batman car is falling apart. Ha!

Mercedes: This is absolute perfection. Cayson has requested a "new car" and I think this might fit the bill

Treehouse: Cayson actually got this for Christmas last year and it's still a big hit. I think I might add this wooden forest animals set to his collection. I've eyed this little fire pit set for a long time, how cute right?!

Wooden tool bench: Is every boy's dream and must have. This little toy barn from Hearth & Hand is so great for toddler boys and girls as well. 

Scooter: Cayson did request a scooter "like sissy" so I'm thinking maybe a 3 wheel version would be the perfect gift. 

Adidas: we saw these the other day at the mall and Cayson said he "needed them." They will be his wear gift this year. He is currently obsessed with this hat and wears it any opportunity he can. 

I can't believe the countdown to Christmas is officially on us. I am so proud of myself that I have already grabbed a few gifts this year, including Isabella's teacher's gift. I'm trying to control myself and wait until Black Friday to do too much more shopping. 

Happy shopping! What's on your kid's lists?

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