Our Halloween

We celebrated Halloween in shifts this year. We started on Saturday with pumpkin decorating and celebrating Mimi's birthday at their house in their beautiful back yard. Sunday, we enjoyed our annual Trunk or Treat with our small group friends. We grabbed family photos with my sweet sissy and I am so thankful we did because the weather on Halloween was not wonderful. Our usual big party plans for Halloween got dampened by bad weather and sickness but it the low keyness of it was just what we needed. It was my most favorite Halloween yet and SO priceless. Addilyn loved the freedom and thought getting to run and grab a handful of candy was the best thing in life. I overheard Isabella tell a few people to "Have a spooky night." I died, she made it up all herself and Captain America was so sweet, polite and "Mommy, I only took 2 pieces just like the sign said." PS he can't read!! LOVE. My momma heart was full....
Mummy dinner 

This was how fancy our Halloween got and I was thankful!

Apparently I was into all the mummy food this year haha

Last Halloween lunch of the year. 

Easy ghost cinnamon rolls for the win

Saturday fun at Mimi's house

Our beautiful birthday Mimi!!
Isabella's unicorn pumpkin

"Look mommy I look like an old lady"-this kid

Trunk or treat fun 
This little one started coming down with a cold on Sunday and wasn't quite herself

I got to wear her for the first time in months thanks to a nasty cold

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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