Best over the counter cold remedies

Isabella had croup a few weeks ago, usually caused by the common virus parainfluenza, and she so nicely shared it with Addilyn and I. We have been surviving on these remedies and are hopefully on the mend. I thought I would share some of our favorite over the counter common cold remedies. You might remember my older blog posts All-natural kids medications-where I shared my favorite kid remedies, medicines and helped explain a few confusing things and this post-Beating the flu where I shared all our flu fighting favorites when we had the horrible flu outbreak last year. These are my favorite posts to write and look back on and share when I get questions on what my favorite things for colds is. Here's to hoping we are all on the mend and we can avoid the flu.

Lolleez-I found these at CVS and they were a life saver for Isabella when her throat was hurting. I love that they are organic and made with all natural flavors. These Cough drops are delicious and have been a life saver for me.

Ibuprofen-the best fever and temperature reducer ever. You can definitely tell when this has worn off over the last few weeks. As soon as it kicked in we were all feeling much better. I always buy dye-free for the kiddos. I explain all about Tylenol and Motrin in this post!

Chest rub-this chest rub has been a life saver. I rub it on our chests and the bottom of our feet every night. I also love this Zarbees baby chest rub, I use it all the time.

Thieves-hands down favorite essential oil. I use it to clean my house, diffuse it and use it to combat infections.

Zarbees-I think this is hands down my favorite cough medicine for the kiddos. It is all natural and really works.

Moisturizer-this is essential for raw noses from all the drainage and blowing noses. These lotion kleenex and these Kleenex with Vicks are my absolute favorite. I don't buy any other kinds.

Humidifier-also essential for croup and cold days. How cute are these?!

Hope this helps and I hope you and your families stay well.

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