Life lately...making spirits bright

So much fun doing all the Christmas-y things on our list. I think our list is a mile long but I am hoping to get to at least half of it. How is Christmas only 9 days away?! What!!!

We met my family at North Park mall last week to see the trains, eat dinner and watch my niece dance. It has become a fun annual tradition.

He thought we were going to get to ride the trains like Polar Express last year but he was still so excited. 

I think Addi loved it the most:)

He just started hugging things in Nordstrom haha....another example of bringing my kid's PJs everywhere we go when it will be a late mom hack!

All the kiddo's rooms got a little Christmas cheer!

We had a little too much fun at our Annual friend Christmas party...let's just say Dennis is no longer allowed to be my bartender and make my Old Fashions;) Such a fun time and I'm obsessed with these sweet friends...we did a PJ party and the White Elephant exchange was "What makes you feel like a kid again or makes adulting easier"
My winnings from the exchange!

Rudolph and Santa ready for the PJ party

And just a random pic of this sweet thing:)

More pics to come from our weekend celebrations!!

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