f r i d a y favorites...


ONE. Amazon athleisure wear. I am obsessed with Style your Senses on IG. She did an Amazon athleisure wear haul recently and I snatched these camo leggings and these tanks. I am LOVING them. So cute and so affordable!

TWO. Journaling. I am an avid journaler, note taker and notebook hoarder;) My sweet bestie sent me the sweetest surprise this week, a new journal with GRACE on it....it was wrapped so cute, she might be one of the most creative humans I know. I have been wanting a date stamp and grabbed one to start my new journal.

SO cute right?!

THREE. BINGO!! My Pokeno girl friends and I hit up Urban Rio (delicious) and Bingo in Plano this week and had a blast. I hadn't played bingo since college. We laughed til we cried, felt so out of place and didn't win a dime. I highly recommend if you want just a fun night out....and the prize winning are amazing like $500 a game, say what?! 
The pink dobber was life!

FOUR. Label maker. I know I shared this labeler a few weeks ago but it has been life changing. I have a Silhouette but it isn't as quick as having this in my hand....it has seriously prompted me to up my organization game! Ha....2019 is my organization year!

FIVE. Sleeping babies...I shared this picture on IG this week. My sweet sleeping Addi boo. I have to wake her up frequently for carpool pick up. It pains me to wake her up but I love, love the sleepy cuddles. 

Happy weekend!

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